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July 7, 2015  Really, Greeks?  You do realize what you've done, right?

Oct  31, 2013 
Why do people pay a huge markup when purchasing a home?

Jan  15, 2013 
It's better for Americans to be on welfare rather than to be employed!  Who would have thunk it?

Jan    3, 2013  Dana White, thanks for your feedback...I guess?

Apr  26, 2012  Nude photos of Obama's mother found: Do they explain why Obama's father abandoned the family?

Apr  10, 2012  Obama's 1990 Harvard letter about affirmative action: A man out of touch with reality

Oct  28, 2011  Update for my readers: My career plans and a list of upcoming topics I plan to write about

Sep   1,  2011  Google's search engine ranks dozens of my articles among the top 10 in the world, including several #1 rankings

Aug 18,  2011  To Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF:  You are shockingly incorrect

Aug 16,  2011  To NY Times economic reporter Catherine Rampell:  America does not profit from "Made in China"

Aug 15,  2011  Warren Buffet says to raise taxes on the rich.  My "A-Ha!" moment:  Are low taxes limiting productivity?

Aug 12,  2011  My first month's readership figures - Thank you for spending so much time on my site

Aug 11,  2011  I actually agree with someone who may be a pro-illegal immigration radical!  Who would have thunk it?  Also:  I support the black candidate.

Aug 10,  2011  To banking analyst Dick Bove: Remember, the US government is not a company...

Aug   9,  2011  Matt Damon:  How do you define "incentive"?

Aug   8,  2011  The stock market plunged 635 points today.  Here's one reason why the collapse might get much worse...

Aug   7,  2011  Here are a couple more intense debates between readers and myself...

Aug   6,  2011  S&P's downgrade of America is much more ominous than you think. I'm going on record with a prediction...

Aug   5,  2011  Have you ever seen a news site this unbiased?

Aug   4,  2011  The cause of an economic Depression can be summed up in one sentence...

Aug   3,  2011  Here are a couple of intense debates between readers and myself...

Aug   2,  2011  Something good from my sister...

Aug   1,  2011  Are my readers more intelligent than average, or less? Part Two

July 31, 2011  Are my readers more intelligent than average, or less? Part One

July 29, 2011  I've found another of those rare articles (mostly) deserving of praise...

July 28, 2011  When US students perform poorly on a test, the most obvious explanation is what?  Also, exploring Latino capability...

July 26, 2011  US Postal Service: Hey, want to create a company? Let's lose money just so that we can overpay employees!

July 25, 2011  With his track record, how could Obama not be a pathological liar?

July 24, 2011  Are US laws written by US government, or by foreigners?  And how do you define a "Dream"?

July 23, 2011  Dear Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company: I have the solution for global gridlock

July 22, 2011  Introducing:  Logic's 'Liars'!

July 21, 2011  I found an article that is so good that I must praise it...

July 19, 2011  How can America be in debt from an expense she hasn't incurred?

July 18, 2011  Flashback to the Reagan debt ceiling negotiations!

July 17, 2011  To Rep Jackson Lee: You can't race bait me

July 16, 2011  Awww. Obama hurt China's feelings? It will take a lot more than hurt feelings to get even with China...

July 15, 2011  Does the American public have any good ideas for reducing the deficit? PART ONE

July 14, 2011  I hate to say it, but Obama may be right on this one...

July 12, 2011  Obama: Americans might not receive Social Security checks! Wait...didn't I predict this?

July 10, 2011  New report vindicates me: It's true. Black-friendly lending policies actually harmed them

July  9, 2011  Are conservative American voters hopeless?

July  7, 2011  Cheating scandal vindicates me: It's true. American grades are inflated

July  6, 2011  A debt management "expert" who doesn't fully understand credit cards?

July  5, 2001  "Not with a white girl"? Interracial dating views of the 74th most capable person in the world! PART ONE

July  2, 2011  The 69th greatest thing about America is whaaat?

July  1, 2011 
Judges say preferential treatment is constitutional?  Justice O'Connor is illogical

Jun 30, 2011  Maybe the "immigrants rights" groups are the ones who need to be profiled and deported!

Jun 29, 2011  Were the American wars worth $4.7 trillion?

Jun 28, 2011 
Is "Post-American World" author Fareed Zakaria a radical, or just clueless about immigration?

Jun 27, 2011 
Do I have the solution for global gridlock? Let me shop this idea around...

Jun 26, 2011 
New gender research backs up my claims about women...

Jun 24, 2011
  Surprise! Obama's administration does something rational and of benefit to America!

Jun 23, 2011  Challenging a senior fellow at the CATO Institute: Legalizing marijuana may be a good move, but first get your logic straight...

Jun 10, 2011  I challenged Tim Wise



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