No Such Thing As An Opinion!

About Me

I have a knack for noticing things that others don't...for figuring out things that others don't.  So I want to use my unique ability to provide others with interesting commentary that they can't find elsewhere!

See the end of this post for more information about myself and the site!



The main section of the site is the Daily Commentary section.

I review news articles on a daily basis, select at least one piece of news, then write commentary and insight about that piece.

It's considered "No Holds Barred" because I don't pull any punches and am not politically correct!  (I think it's disturbing that something as repugnant as political correctness is described as "correct").

Usually my articles involve
"a-ha!" moments, something interesting that most people wouldn't have noticed!

It could be that I find flaws in the logic used by a well known personality, government figure or expert.

It could be that I use the person's words
against them, demonstrating how their claim actually undermines their own argument!

It could be that I make an interesting observation linking current news to older news.

It could be that I make a unique, unnoticed finding after reading between the lines.

It could be that I personally challenge a well-known figure!

All of the above examples currently appear in the
Daily Commentary section!


The Topical Articles section contains articles I've written about a wide range of topics, topics that may or may not be appearing in the current news cycle.

Some of the
topics have already been written about by many others.  But you can definitely expect some never before seen insight!

A sample of topics I've written about:


-Theft from the middle class
-Gay marriage
-Racial hyphenation
-Evolutionary origin of specific behaviors
-The most intelligent celebrities
-Slavery reparations

This section adds new articles periodically.


Some readers want to know what I think about a certain topic.

Those readers can submit their request

Periodically, I write an article about a reader request that I find to be particularly interesting!  Those articles are found in the
Reader Request section!

Examples of some requests I've written about:

-Why did the US electorate change their voting pattern so drastically between 2006 and 2010?

-What are my views on climate change?


The topics in the Who Would Have Thunk It? section are similar to the topics in the Topical Articles section.

The difference is this: This section includes articles that expose
unusually surprising insight! (sometimes it's surprising primarily because mainstream media has refused to expose the issue, if you know what I mean).

Some topics I've written about:

-Wall Street geniuses flunk stats

-Obama's anti-Americanism


I'll be quite blunt.  At the end of 2010, I was feeling quite depressed, because I had been defrauded (the misfortune occurred even though I made logical decisions; there was nothing I could do to prevent it, I was not at all naive; see the comment section of the article I linked to, for more). 

I decided to start this site for the following reasons:

1)  I wanted to start to finally share my ability and my knowledge with a larger community.  Instead of allowing it to build up inside me.  Isn't it much better to share knowledge with others?

I'm lucky enough to be a very knowledgeable person at a young age.  Over the years, I've noticed that the world is full of misinformation, misinformation being spread both intentionally and unintentionally.

2)  After I started the site, I began to realize that I may eventually be able to use this as a platform for changing the world.  And I truly believe that I may be able to achieve that, given how unique my ideas often are.

In particular, I want to encourage people to minimize bias and maximize logic and open-mindedness.

I want to encourage liberals and conservatives to focus on determining the logical strength of policies, instead of focusing primarily on ideology.

My first site was created during Oct. 2010:

My second site was created during Nov. 2010:

Aside from a flurry of articles I posted in October and November of 2010, I was only writing about one to four articles a month during the first several months of 2011.

In June 2011, I decided to start writing articles on a daily basis.

In July 2011, I created the site you're on now, purchased the domain name, and made it my primary site (I will likely phase out the other two sites over time).

So here I am!  It's quite exciting to be able to provide daily input regarding current events and other topical issues.

I hope you enjoy!


I've been blessed with a gift.  I have an unusual ability to be almost entirely error free when it comes to analyzing the logic of an argument. 

I want to use this gift!  To provide interesting commentary not seen elsewhere!

There is a lot of misinformation out there, much of it being purposely peddled.  I'm here to expose it!


I'm a very opinionated person.  That's how people would describe me.

But how can I be opinionated?  After all, I claim that there is No Such Thing As An Opinion!

One of the most
important things I can impart to you is this: There is NO SUCH THING AS AN OPINION!

Does that seem to be anti-free speech?

Perhaps, but let me explain.  To have an opinion implies that the topic is subjective. For a topic to be subjective implies that the evidence doesn't favor one person's "opinion" over that of another person.

But the evidence virtually
always favors one view over another, even with subjective topics! Otherwise, the evidence would favor an exact 50/50 split, a deadlock, and that's incredibly unlikely.

Hence, there's No Such Thing As An Opinion!


I am not afraid to write the truth, no matter how controversial.  Since I have logic on my side, why would I ever be afraid of writing the truth?  After all, I'm here to help improve society. The truth does that!

Political correctness degrades society.  It's often invoked by those who avoid honest discussion because they have no answer for the issues honest discussion raises!

I don't consider myself conservative or liberal, I consider myself logical.
  I support a position if it's supported by evidence and/or logic, regardless of whether that view is typically conservative or liberal!

With that in mind, read my articles and comment!

All views are welcome
. I like passion!  I am always open to having my mind changed-you just have to provide me with enough reason to do so :)

Oh, and if you feel like donating, by all means, feel free below!




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