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June 14, 2011

Message to Obama:  Growth is when revenue exceeds costs

When I read things like this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry:

"President Obama listened to dozens of jobs-spurring recommendations suggested by his jobs council Monday -- and then he made one himself on deficits and debt.

'We need to solve our medium and long-term debt problems, not just for abstract reasons, but because they're a concrete impediment to growth and jobs,' Obama said at the second meeting of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

The jobs council met in Durham, N.C., to discuss different ideas for jobs creation, which mostly revolved around things the federal government can do to speed up or cull back regulation of private businesses."

Really? That's the best Obama's team can come up with?

Ideas about how to add, remove or alter government regulation of businesses?

Ideas about solving debt problems?

Well, the two ideas are at least admirable, but are extremely unlikely to increase business hiring by much, if at all!  (And what reason is there to believe that Obama actually wants to reduce debt, anyway?  Most of his actions suggest he actually wants to
increase the debt).

Obama's administration obviously doesn't have people that are intelligent enough to solve the problem. (That doesn
't mean they aren't intelligent. Just not intelligent enough). 

The problem is easily solvable.

Here's a lesson for Obama:

Businesses feel the need to hire workers when their revenue is increasing.  When businesses sell more goods and services, they need more workers to fulfill that demand.

If an American business increases revenue by selling only to Americans who switched brands from another American business, that does
nothing for overall American employment levels.

The business with the increased revenue will hire more Americans, but the business that lost market share will lay off more Americans.

When you look at the aggregate level of business revenue nationwide, there is only
one way businesses can increase their revenue overall.

must sell more to foreign countries than they buy from foreign countries.  Otherwise, American businesses will slowly shrink over time.

This has been occurring for
over 37 years straight.  37 years!

Why is it that several consecutive presidents, along with their staff, apparently don't understand that nothing will stop the American decline until they start selling more than they buy from foreigners like China?

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