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November 7, 2010

Obama's surprising anti-terror campaign

Is anyone else surprised by how genuinely Obama, at times, seems to want to end terrorism?

Let's review a bit of his history in this regard:

1) Soon after Obama took office, reports suggested that the number of US drone attacks on terrorists in Pakistan increased noticeably.

2) Recently Obama went public with the declaration that Pakistan was slow in fighting terror.

I'm surprised at his attempts to stop terrorism, because he has demonstrated a clear history of anti-US behavior, and I'm shocked that he would suddenly demonstrate pro-US behavior by going out of his way to promote the fight against terrorism.

Some of his anti-US behavior is outlined here.

Other anti-US behavior is reflected in his fiscal policy actions, which are often illogical (I have yet to write about his actions expansively.  I don't want this site to be perceived as one that is focused on Obama).  Part of the reason I assume his fiscal policy actions are motivated by anti-US behavior is because they are illogical, and he seems smart enough to be able to figure that out.

Should I begin to more fully consider that Obama might actually be pro-US?  How then, would his anti-US behavior be explained?

Well, it could mean that he's either incapable of determining that his fiscal policy actions are illogical.  Or it could mean that he is capable of determining that, yet chooses to be illogical and biased by choosing policies that disproportionately hurt large percentages of people while simultaneously benefiting small percentages of people. To be fair, he wouldn't be the first intelligent person who is illogical and biased.  However, such people are certainly not fit to be President!

There are some explanations that could reconcile his anti-terrorist actions with anti-US behavior:

1) Perhaps Obama feels that attacking terrorism in foreign countries is more of a benefit to foreigners than to Americans.  After all, the chance of a terrorist attack being committed in the USA is still very small, and the chance of an attack in a foreign country like Pakistan is much, much higher.

2) Perhaps Obama feels kinship to Muslims (and foreigners) and wants to eliminate the fact that some foreigners and Muslims are more likely to engage in terrorism, which results in a negative perception of some foreigners and Muslims.  This is plausible, given Obama's residence in Indonesia, and very plausible given that there is evidence that suggests that Obama was a Muslim as a child (a book has printed his school identification card, which lists his religion as "Muslim").

In some respects, it is very surprising to see Obama go out of his way to fight terrorism.  However, it should also be pointed out that there have been credible reports that he and his administration (as well as associates they have been exposed to) have had connections with terrorists and/or suspected terrorist related sympathizers.  But that's fodder for another post.

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