No Such Thing As An Opinion!

September 1, 2011

Google's search engine ranks dozens of my articles among the top 10 in the world, including several #1 rankings!

According to Google, their algorithmic search engine uses "more than 200 signals to order websites, and we update these algorithms on a weekly basis."

I'm happy to report that Google
has ranked dozens of my articles among the top 10 in the world, including several #1 rankings!  Thanks Google!

Below is a sample of ten of these Google's rankings.  There are more that I'm aware of,  and so I'll add more rankings to the list soon.

Beyond that point, I will expand the list regularly, as I become aware of more articles of mine being highly ranked!

To verify my claims, simply Google the search term yourself, or view the images that appear below the list :)

1) Google the following:  typical liberal logic

My article Typical liberal "logic" is ranked #2 out of 459,000 results.

2) Google the following:  conservative voters hopeless

My article Are conservative American voters hopeless? is ranked #1 out of 2,000,000 results.

3) Google the following: 
Obama certificate number sequence

My article Why is Obama's birth certificate number not in sequence? Is it a forgery? is ranked #4 out of 46,500,000 results.

4) Google the following:  unbiased news site

My article Have you ever seen a news site this unbiased? is ranked #14 out of 24,000,000 results.

5) Google the following:  how do intelligent people vote

My article Why don't all intelligent people vote the same way? is ranked #6 out of 39,700,000 results. 

6) Google the following:  the most obvious explanation

My article When US students perform poorly on a test, the most obvious explanation is what? Also, exploring Latino intelligence... is ranked #2 out of 68,300,000 results.

7) Google the following:  Logical basis to the Casey Anthony Trial

My article Casey Anthony trial: Is it a logical defense to invalidate something simply because it was previously "unheard of"? is ranked #1 out of 643,000 results.

8) Google the following:  is united states debt insurmountable

My article How can America be in debt from an expense she hasn't incurred? is ranked #9 out of 1,050,000 results.

9) Google the following:  US government benefits foreigners

My article Are US laws written by a US government, or by foreigners?  And how do you define a “Dream”? is ranked #2 out of 28,300,000 results.

10) Google the following:  lenders who gave mortgages to people with insufficient income

My article Black-friendly money lending policies actually harmed them! Who would have thunk it? is ranked #4 out of 2,410,000 results.


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