No Such Thing As An Opinion!

August 2, 2011

Something good from my sister...

For those unaware, my site just launched in June 2011. 

Prior to that, I published two sister sites:

(All three of my sites post the same articles, and that will continue until I've been able to migrate most readers over to the main site, the one you're on now!)

OK, so at this point it's clear that the article isn't about my actual sister.  As if!  What did you expect?

Well, here's what you can expect:

You can now expect to see some very interesting back-and-forth debates!

Just read the comment section appearing below many of my articles! (Especially the Topical ArticlesWho Would Have Thunk It?, and Reader Requests sections!)

There are 776 new comments appearing as of today!

There are many passionate, thought-provoking debates between myself and many readers...check some of them out!

(When I first migrated the articles from my sister site to this site, I didn't migrate the comments).

Today, I migrated about 80% of the comments, and I will finish the rest on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I will be writing an article that posts links to some of the better debates!

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