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June 30, 2011

Maybe the "immigrants rights" groups are the ones who need to be profiled and deported!

Today, Fox News reported:

"Immigrant rights groups were planning to serve Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca with a summons seeking information about arrests in connection with the law enforcement department's partnership with immigration officials.

The National Day Labor Organizing Network, the National Immigration Law Center and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles asked for statistics that outline the cost of participating in federal programs to the county and its taxpayers, and arrest records they say might be evidence of racial profiling."

Am I having a dream?  (Or more accurately, a nightmare?)

No, I'm not! I thought stuff like this only happened in the movies!

So, let's see.  People break in the country illegally.  The police deport some of them.

A group is formed among people who openly advocate breaking the law.  The group represents illegals.  The group gets a lawyer.  The lawyer demands to see documentation describing the number of illegals deported by the police.  Really?

This bizarre situation is the result of tolerating the existence of radical, criminal supporting groups that have no regard for the overall health of America. It's as simple as that.

First, what is an "immigrants rights" group? Since the context of the article is deportation of illegal immigrants, you have to ask yourself: Since when do people in the country illegally have rights?

Second, why would they want arrest records that may demonstrate the occurrence of racial profiling?  When police look for illegals to deport, is there something wrong with using common sense and choosing to profile the Hispanic community first?

And if there
is something wrong with profiling, what solution would these "rights" groups offer as a more productive method of detecting illegals?  Profiling white males?

Here's more:

"'We don't want L.A. County to turn into Arizona. The numbers of deportations is disturbing.'"

Why would these groups claim that the number of deportations is disturbing?  Disturbing, as in disturbingly

So, you're telling me that these "rights" groups find it disturbing when an illegal with no rights is deported?  And people can actually get away with saying that openly?

"'Los Angeles is a county of immigrants and we see ourselves as place where we respect people's rights, their right to make a living and keep their families together,' Karp said."

The police deport illegal aliens, not legal immigrants.  So why is Karp referencing "immigrants"?

And how could illegal aliens possibly "respect people's rights", considering they broke into the country?

And how could illegals have a "right to make a living" in the USA, given that the law states that they have no rights at all?

Americans that have a right to make a living in America.  I'm sure that even these radicals would agree to that.  Yet, illegals attempt to take that right away, because they take jobs and wealth from Americans!  How is that respecting "people's rights?"

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