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July 9, 2011

Are conservative American voters hopeless?

During late June, Fox News released the results of a poll.

Republican Primary voters told pollsters whom they hoped would become the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

Here are the top results:

1) Mitt Romney with 18%

2) Rick Perry with 13%
3) Michele Bachmann with 11%
4) Rudy Giuliani with 10%
5) Sarah Palin with 8%
6) Ron Paul with 7%
7) Herman Cain with 5%
8) Tim Pawlenty with 3%
9) New Gingrich with 3%

The top five are all
long established candidates.  The top five!

Why aren't candidates outside the establishment faring better?

Aren't voters supposed to be fed up with government corruption?  Weren't there hundreds of thousands of protesters who protested against Obama, big government and corruption?  Wasn't there a massive protest in September 2009, one with a crowd estimated to be as high as one million plus?

Aren't the
approval ratings of Congress running about twenty percent?

Wouldn't you think people would be
dying to see a fresh face, or someone who speaks candidly and rationally?

Let's see how the
less political than typical candidates fare in the poll:

1)  Herman Cain received only 5% of the vote:  Although Cain has
been involved in politics over the years,  it's my impression that he likely hasn't been entrenched deeply enough to suggest he's become corrupt.  My contention is bolstered by the fact that he has certainly done things atypical of a corruption politician, such as speaking candidly about Muslims.  In addition, he's the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza.

Couldn't the presidency use a candid, logical outsider who is a businessman, rather than a lawyer?

2)  Ron Paul received only 5% of the vote:  Although Paul is a long time member of government, he certainly doesn't seem to be very, if
at all, corrupt.  He often speaks candidly and says things you won't hear from other politicians.  One example of this is his criticism of the Federal Reserve.

Shouldn't he be one of the leaders in the poll?  It's interesting to note that he, like Cain, is
not a lawyer.  He's a doctor.

3)  Newt Gingrich received only 3%:  Although he was a long time politician, he certainly doesn't seem to me to be as corrupt as most politicians.  Doesn't anyone remember the success of his Contract With America?  Doesn't anyone remember that America returned to a budget surplus while he was Speaker of the House?  If you're going to choose a member of the establishment, why not him?

Weren't all those conservative protests
begging that the country get its finances in order?  Why is a person with such a track record being selected by only 3% of respondents?  It's a disgrace!


Do conservative Americans
really want change?

If they do, the country is certainly in trouble, judging by their inability to identify and/or choose change!

This one poll
is enough to make me think that Americans might as well just give up right now!  Don't complain and protest unless you do your part and become knowledgeable enough to do something about it!

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