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July 2, 2011

The 69th greatest thing about America is whaaat?

On Friday, CNN published a list of  "100 great things about America".

I didn't get very far before noticing something that obviously shouldn't be on the list:

"1. Opportunity

We live in the land of it. It's knocking. And all the other adages -- all true."

The #1 greatest thing about America is the opportunity it offers?

Really?  Does it
really offer opportunity?

Listen, there may
appear to be many enviable opportunities available in the US.  But appearances can be misleading!

The biggest opportunity the US provides is this:  The chance to become part of a sinking ship!

The United States has been
shrinking for decades!  For over thirty seven years, the United States has been selling less than it buys.  Therefore, newcomers to America become part of the sinking ship.  Does that sound like a great opportunity to you? 

In fact, judging by the size of the trade deficit, it's possible that the US offers
less opportunity than do most countries in the world!

Think of this in another context:  If offered a position, would you consider it a great opportunity to join the ranks of a company in financial distress? Likely not.  People want to join
successful companies!

The fact that "opportunity" is #1 on the list is, sadly, reflective of the cluelessness within America that has led America to her knees.

After reading item #1 on the list, I didn't expect that any other items would top that doozy.

I was wrong:

"69. Michelle Obama

A formidable presence who's brought her own form of glam to the White House."

Michelle Obama is the 69th greatest thing about America?  Are you sure the list isn't "the 100 worst things about America?"

During 2008, Michelle said:

"Let me tell you something, for the first time in my adult lifetime I'm really proud of my country".

Boy, I can certainly see how she's the 69th greatest thing about America.

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