No Such Thing As An Opinion!

July 25, 2011

With his track record, how could Obama not be a pathological liar?

On Sunday, Joseph Curl of The Washington Times asked:

"Is Obama a Pathological Liar?"

He writes:

"And lately, the president has been lying so much that his pants could burst into flames at any moment.

His late-evening news conference Friday was a tour de force of flat-out, unadulterated mendacity — and we’ve gotten a first-hand insider’s view of the president’s long list of lies."

This is nothing new.

As shown by my
six part expose of Obama's pre-election behavior, Obama has been at it for quite a while now!  Of the sixteen identified troubling aspects of his behavior, eight involved lies!

I can only imagine how many lies he's spoken
post election!

As with the list of Michelle Obama's
grammatical errors, a list of Obama's post-election lies might be so daunting as to induce the researcher to wave a white flag early on!

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