No Such Thing As An Opinion!

Have you ever seen a news site this unbiased?

People love to categorize others as either conservative or liberal.

Why can't someone simply be logical?

When was the last time you saw a news site that included:

  • An article questioning typical liberal logic and an article suggesting conservative voters are hopeless.

  • An article criticizing preferential treatment for blacks and an article suggesting blacks may deserve slavery reparations.

  • An article criticizing a unionized, government run company and an article criticizing big business practices.

  • An article questioning whether gays should be able to adopt and questioning the merits of heterosexual adoption!

  • An article defending gay marriage and an article criticizing a judge's ruling in favor of gay marriage (the technical aspects, not the outcome of the ruling).

  • An article attacking a "defender" of blacks and an article showing how blacks were victimized by mortgage lending policies.

  • An article supporting the deportation of illegal immigrants and an article defending aspects of the illegal friendly DREAM Act.

  • An article praising Ann Coulter and an article showing how conservative presidents may not have been fiscally conservative.

  • An article criticizing the use of taxpayer money and an article supporting large tax increases.

  • An article pointing out a flaw with IQ testing and an article highlighting the importance of Latinos' IQ scores.

  • An article claiming women may tend to be less logical voters and an article highlighting findings showing women "make a team smarter."

  • An article claiming that Obama, a criticizer of the rich, is a pathological liar and an article outlining problems related to extremely rich people.

  • An article criticizing the Republican nominated SEC and an article defending environmentalism.

  • An article criticizing Obama's anti-Americanism and an article praising Obama's anti-terror policies.

  • An article claiming generalization is ok and an article criticizing racial generalization.

  • An article exposing potential benefits of big government debt and an article showing that such borrowed money is being used terribly.

  • An article criticizing the government's handling of the debt crisis and an article criticizing the public's ideas about how to handle the debt crisis!

  • An article criticizing the election of Obama and an article praising one of Obama's policy moves.

  • An article criticizing rich people's theft from the middle class and an article criticizing Obama's "birth certificate."

  • An article doubting liberalism is progressive and an article unopposed to legalizing marijuana. 

  • An article minimizing the US debt problem and an article criticizing George Bush Sr's handling of the debt.

Now, ask yourself this:

When was the last time you saw a news site that was so unbiased and balanced?

My guess is:


Stick with me! ;)  Let's shake things up!

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