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April 26, 2012

Nude photos of Obama's mother found:  Do they explain why Obama's "father" abandoned the family?

As World Net Daily reports, Joel Gilbert's upcoming documentary questions whether Barack Obama's Kenyan "father" was indeed his father.  He argues that Frank Marshall Davis may have instead been Obama's father. 

Joel's reasons for the belief centre upon the claims he makes.  Namely, that nude photos of Obama's mother were found at Davis's residence; that Frank Davis is the "Frank" referred to in Obama's own book; that Davis's autobiography refers to a sexual relationship with an underage "Anne"; and the physical resemblance between Obama and Davis, in contrast to the lack of resemblance between Obama Jr. and Obama Sr.

If it's true that Davis is the true father of Obama, could it account for Obama Sr's abandonment of the family when Obama Jr. was young?

Up until now, many have opined that Obama Sr. was a deadbeat father who knocked up Ann Dunham and left her with a young child.

Isn't it reasonable that Obama Sr. simply found out that he wasn't the father of Obama Jr., that he had been cheated on by Ann Dunham, and, understandably, left her?

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