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August 12, 2011

My first month's readership figures - Thank you for spending so much time on my site :)

Today marks the one month mark for my site!  (Prior to that, my sister site published articles since November 2010, but neither of the sites published daily until June 2011).

I thought this would be an appropriate time to look back at the first month's readership figures!

For such a young site, it appears that my readership figures are excellent, with my readership showing quite a bit of interest in the articles I write :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks!

Here are a couple of notes to keep in mind when you review my figures:

1) The hit counter at the very bottom of this page shows a lower figure because the counter wasn't yet installed when the site was first published.

2) I've excluded all visits from my city, so that my own viewing of the site doesn't distort the figures (the exclusion is fair, since only 1.5% of the visits from my city are by someone other than myself).

And with that, here are the figures from July 12 to August 11:

  • 7,720 total page views
  • 249 page views per day
  • 4.57 page views per visit
  • 5.004 minutes spent per visit
  • 34.35% bounce rate

I am extremely happy with these figures :)

At such an early stage, many visitors are coming to my site, and, importantly, once here, they spend quite a bit of time: 5.00 minutes reading 4.57 pages. 

In addition, only 34.35% of visitors leave the site before proceeding to a second page.  This means quite a large percentage of people are viewing 7+ pages, bringing the average to 4.57.

Again, I'm quite happy with these figures, considering that I haven't paid any money for advertising! (I've only placed links on some sites).

How Does My Readership Compare To Established Media?

Well, let's compare my figures to's monthly figures, according to

  • Months since 1st published      1              187
  • Page views per visit               4.57          3.27
  • Minutes spent per visit:        5.00          5.28
  • Bounce rate:                         34.35%    48.50%

This is quite flattering :)

My visitors view 39.8% more pages per visit, and my bounce rate is much better! (Compared to my site, 41.2% more of's visitors leave the site before proceeding to a second page).

As for the amount of total time spent per visit, my readers spend nearly as much time as's readers (spending 95% as much time as's readers).

Going Forward

The daily page view totals trended higher during the month, so it's safe to say that, as of today, the total daily page views are currently higher than the 249 averaged over the past month.

Again, thank you very much to my early readers, I'm glad you got in on the ground floor :) 

I very much enjoy writing articles for you, and I enjoy communicating with my readers :)

And welcome to new readers!

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