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Boxing vs. UFC misconceptions

I've noticed that many people, including boxers, have commented on the difference between the boxing ability of boxers and the boxing ability of mixed martial artists (for those who are unaware, mixed martial arts is the form of combat practiced in the UFC and other leagues).

By pointing out the superior boxing ability that boxers have, it appears that many are attempting to brand the mixed martial artists as second class; a notch below them.

The problem with that argument is that it's just plain wrong.

It's actually to be expected that MMA fighters would have poorer boxing skills, and here's why:

Boxers have a greater population from which they select their fighters, so it's to be expected that they'd find more highly skilled boxers.

Mixed martial artists have a smaller pool of people to draw from, because they've already dwindled the population down to those who also have others skills, such as wrestling and ju jitsu.

Let's say you start with 100 people. 15 of them may be fantastic boxers, but the number who may be good (but not excellent) boxers as well as good wrestlers and good ju jitsu fighters may be only 2 or 3. Of the 15 fantastic boxers, none of them may have competent enough wrestling and ju jitsu skills.

So, the next time you're watching UFC and someone tries to denigrate the boxing skills of mixed martial artists, perhaps you should denigrate them instead: their mind.

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