No Such Thing As An Opinion!

Are lawyers as powerful as you think?

Lawyers have a prestigious, well-paid job. But do they really have power?

I don't think so.  Although they have the power to influence a judge or jury's mind, and hence to influence life altering decisions, another lawyer with the same power opposes them.  They cancel each other out.

Even worse for lawyers, the real power is in the hands of the judge or jury. So, even if a lawyer is more capable than the opposing lawyer is, they still don't have the final say. Now that's uncertainty.  And if the judge or jury is incompetent, irrational, biased or bribed, a lawyer is potentially in serious trouble.

There are countless jobs that actually have far more power.  Middle management has the significant power to fire or hire workers, provide raises, make budget and advertising decisions. Even relatively unskilled call center workers have the power to reverse that $35 overlimit fee.

Now, being a lawyer might be very fulfilling.  I assume it's an intellectual challenge in many respects.

But in the end, once the intellect has been exercised, a lawyer should be prepared to be powerless.

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