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Wasting life with illogical political beliefs

My site has already mentioned that only one political ideology espouses more correct theories than the other does, based on the evidence.  I won't say which yet. If you read my posts, it will become clear.

What isn't as clear, to most people, is that by advocating a certain political ideology they are actually wasting their life.  Many people espouse the same, incorrect political views for dozens of years...and in every single year they are literally wasting their life, promoting an ideology that is either not the most helpful one out there, or an ideology that is just plain damaging to society!

You often hear regret regarding time spent on relationships eventually gone bad, time wasted in line only to have the ABM machine run out of money when it's their turn, money wasted on clothes that don't fit and can't be returned.

Yet you rarely hear regret regarding dozens of years wasted promoting and voting for political theories that are incorrect!  It is true that many people don't realize how illogical their own views are; I am to assist them with that understanding.

One might, however, argue that taking policy action based on incorrect views help expose the strength of the correct views, by contrast. Unfortunately, there is usually no need to enact policies to determine which of two imposing views is correct. That can be determined simply by logic.

Imagine how much harm one is doing to society by voting for a political party that is harming society.  In that situation, one is actually assisting in harming their own society (and usually themself) by voting!

Imagine this scenario: For a very long time you date someone as part of what you are led to believe is a very serious relationship, then are suddenly dumped. You find out you were being used all along. Using you for money, sex, or simply a casual relationship. Would you feel like you had been screwed? Like you had wasted time?

Now, imagine the feeling when someone spends years, decades, believing and promoting beliefs, only to find out one day they are not only illogical, but harmful to society!

It's a quite sad state of affairs.

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