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Celebrities: Who are the most intelligent & rational?

Here's a list of the most intelligent and rational personalities that I'm aware of.  (Note that it's important to note that these people are rational; there are many intelligent people that don't appear to be rational, judging simply by the number of intelligent people that support opposing viewpoints.  However, I believe the persons listed below are not just intelligent but extremely intelligent)

This list is subject to addition over time.

1) Ann Coulter

I haven't read all of her books, but I have read one of them, and I have read many columns of hers, and I have heard her speak.  She is extremely intelligent, extremely rational, provides arguments that are so strong that they would be difficult to rebut, and she rebuts other arguments brilliantly.  There is only one single point she's made that I find to be irrational.

She is a conservative.

2) Vincent Bugliosi

I've read two of his books-the first being his thoughts on the OJ Simpson trial, the second being "The Prosecution of George W Bush".  He is brilliant and provides arguments that are airtight.

Based on the implications of a few comments made in the George Bush book, I assume he's liberal.

3) Donald Trump.

I haven't read his books. I base my judgment on The Apprentice.  He makes excellent decisions based on aggregate information provided to him by contestants, and he's excellent when it comes to noticing flaws in contestant's arguments.  It would be interesting to read some of his books.

I have no idea if he's a liberal or conservative (but based on his level of rationality, I have my suspicions).
  He often seems diplomatic-I remember an interview in which he praised both John Kerry and George Bush-he wouldn't choose sides.

Honorable Mentions

1) Jesse Ventura

I don't know much about how smart he is.  He may be intelligent. Simply by probability, however, he's unlikely to be among the 99.99th percentile.

I include him here in order to honor his positive intentions, and his willingness to tread where others won't. To investigate "conspiracy" theories that actually do appear to be conspiracies.

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