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Liberalism is "progressive"?

I haven't yet stated whether evidence tends to favor conservatism or liberalism.  The evidence, however, greatly favors one of the two ideologies over the other.  Once I've made enough posts on this site, the answer should be clear.

In the meantime, let me say this:

I find it disturbing that I often hear liberals described as progressive, yet I don't hear conservatives described as progressive.

How can this be?  I don't feel that there is anything about liberalism that makes it the exclusive domain of progressiveness.

The literal definition is this: to be progressive means to advance, to improve things.  To improve things means to improve existing policies or select new policies that are supported by the bulk of the evidence.

Such policies could be either liberal or conservative, depending on which topic you investigate. Liberals don't have a monopoly on progressiveness.

Perhaps those who call liberals progressive aren't using the literal definition?  If you were to instead define progressive ideology as the ideology that is least applied throughout American government (meaning its use would be considered a progression away from the current dominant ideology), that would be conservatism.  There is no doubt that liberal ideology permeates government policies.

So, as you see, there is no reason liberals should be automatically described as progressive. My site will periodically examine just how "progressive" liberalism is.

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