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Reader Request: Why Did Voters Change Their Preferences from 2006 to 2010? PART TWO: 2008 Elections. The Troubling Election of Barack Obama PART 2 of 6

In Part 1 of "The Troubling Election of Barack Obama", I reviewed the evidence in an attempt to determine what the President's legal name is.

In Part 2 below, I will investigate the circumstances during the prelude to the 2008 elections.


In Part One, I established that midterm voters in 2006 opted to vote for Democrats in order to show their displeasure with Congress and Bush's policies, particularly the Iraq war.

But the 2006 midterm elections seemed to be only a partial victory for voters.  They forced the Republicans out of power, but Bush himself was still in power.

After 2008, Bush would be gone.  He couldn't run again. Voters could look for a fresh start.  Would they vote Republican or Democrat? Well, Congressional approval ratings had dipped yet again to record lows in 2008. But why? Wasn't the Iraq war starting to improve? Yes, but people still wanted to see the end of the five year long war.

And more importantly, the recession was getting worse in the fall of 2008, and the public was becoming more aware that government regulators were simply allowing criminal banks and hedge funds to destroy the stock market for profit.  How could the public
not become more aware?  Their portfolios were being devastated, and after searching for answers they eventually found them online.

In 2006 and 2007,
thousands of comments flooded the SEC website when the SEC allowed public comment on proposed changes to a rule named "Reg SHO". (Anger over criminal theft in the financial world had started to become widespread in 2005, pushing the SEC to publish the daily Reg SHO list of stocks.  The list published the names of stocks that had been so victimized by counterfeiting that high percentages of their stock's total existing float were counterfeit).  In 2006 and 2007, the SEC had been proposing changes to Reg SHO.

Look at the public anger out there in 2007:



The above comments are
tame compared to many other frothing, swearing, threatening comments made by the public.

So, there was a
huge amount of public anger, at least among the investing community, against Bush and government by the time the 2008 elections occurred (and rightly so!)  One could expect to see the public become very receptive toward a candidate who offered change from the status quo.  Soetoro was the candidate that did offer that change; he constantly used the words "hope" and "change"! Perfect timing!

I argue that many people simply became so swept up with the charisma of Soetoro, so swept up with the idea of genuine governmental change, so swept up with the idea of electing a black man, that they voted for Soetoro.

But along the way, people became disturbingly irrational.  VERY disturbingly.  I am going to now provide a list of circumstances surrounding Soetoro prior to his election.  Read the list, and then try to figure out how it was that any rational person could even consider voting for Soetoro:

In Part 3 of "The Troubling Election of Barack Obama", I will outline points 1) to 6), six troubling actions of Barry Soetoro prior to his election.

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