No Such Thing As An Opinion!

I, the author of No Such Thing As An Opinion, have a talent for predicting stock prices.

I created the site
I Make These Trades.

Here's how the site came about:

Unfortunately, as a result of multiple instances of fraud, by both a CEO, and a New York Stock Exchange Specialist who illegally refused to fill my sell order, I was defrauded out of a very large sum of money. 

Regarding the one fraud, a later investigation found no record of my sell order, meaning someone had deleted the record in order to cover it up. 

Regarding the other fraud, there was a class action lawsuit against the CEO, and it was settled, but I recovered less than 1% of what I lost.

Prior to being defrauded, I had been
extremely successful trading stocks for a living, from home.  In fact, my actual brokerage records are posted online at my site!

It was a very sad situation.  But to be honest, I'm quite happy now.  Money isn't everything.  I have perspective now that I didn't before...and that allows me to be happier with what I have :)

And I've always tried pretty damn hard to treat people well, even after some of the hardship I've been through.  That hasn't changed.

After I was defrauded, I decided to create a site where I'd make trading predictions (since I didn't have enough capital to actually trade with anymore).

My verifiable,
actual trading record (sample win - loss is 220 - 53 with 300.95% gain in three months) is documented by my actual brokerage documents, which have been scanned in and appear on my site.

My 2011 predictive (not using actual cash) win - loss record is 193 - 46 with a 184.04% non-compounded profit :)

Photos of my real-time, second by second Twitter predictions are posted as verification of my predictive ability.

Further verification is provided by photos of second by second, real-time streaming quotes.

Here's an example of one trading day's verification photos.  The full directory of results and verification is here.

Check out the site, you might learn a little!

Or, if you're interested and in the position to be able to donate, you can donate!  Simply click the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page.  

I Make These Trades


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